Sr Systems Engineer

Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: 11-30-2017
Tactical Data Programs (TDP) SE&I Enterprise Interoperability Systems Engineer L5
Position ID: SEI - 47450 (M-30-E01 & M-30-E02)
Position Location: Washington, DC                                                             Duration of Position: Full-Time
Security Clearance       (TS/SCI Clearance REQUIRED)
(Active SCI within 2 years; SSBI current within 5 years)

Need Date: Immediate


Intelligence Consulting Enterprise Solutions, INC. is looking for an
Tactical Data Programs (TDP) SE&I Enterprise Interoperability Systems Engineer L5
The Tactical Data Programs (TDP) Interoperability Project Team provides direct SE&I support to the DCGS GFT (Distributed Common Ground/Surface System GEOINT Functional Team) driving implementation of the Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) objectives for a multi-national info sharing environment, and serving as the SE&I enabler for NGA (serving as USDI Executive Agency) leading planning and execution of the annual premier IC/DoD Joint Services and Allied ISR Interoperability Exercise Enterprise Challenge (EC). EC offers participants a platform to conduct RDT&E integration and interoperability assessment activities for GEOINT support to the Defense Intelligence Information Environment (DI2E). EC is capitalized on as a purposeful venue to demonstrate Enterprise interoperability of emerging tactical sensors/sources/systems/standards. The program leads interoperability testing throughout the year leveraging Limited Objective Events (LOE) culminating in the annual EC Main Exercise (MAINEX) [1-24 May in 2017]. EC consists of a series of DCGS enterprise and federated coalition interoperability demo’s conducted with real-world field maneuvers at China Lake and via network simulation including the USAF ACC ISRD Lab, with NGA Research Lab Environment (RLE) as the virtual hub. Through EC, the program introduces emerging concepts and operational art-of-the-possible activities leading to new and enhanced CONOPS development. For EC, the program provides operational mission innovation, spearheading research/coordination/tracking of ISR platforms, related sensor data, technical capabilities operational demonstration and test objective threads. EC includes GEOINT info-sharing services support for joint military services and international partners, and directly contributes to improved coordination, info-sharing, and interoperability between DoD and IC DCGS and ISR activities in accordance with the DCGS GEOINT Functional Team (GFT) Work Plan. The program authors the EC Quick Look and Final Report, documenting factual results, observations, lessons learned, and the recommended way-ahead for the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) interoperability and data sharing goals, with and between the US and Partners. EC has proven invaluable for achieving interoperability across the GEOINT enterprise.
Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  •  Ensure TDP Enterprise Interoperability Project Mission Based Outcomes are achieved, operationally evaluating and validating requisite capabilities and services to meet IC/DoD and GEOINT community user mission needs.
  • Provide Project Engineering and SE&I&A SME to devise and implement the DCGS GEOINT Functional Team Work Plan.
  • Implement the DCGS GFT Work Plan leading planning and execution of the annual premier IC/DoD Joint Services and Allied ISR Interoperability Exercise Enterprise Challenge (EC).
  • Coordinate with NATO and coalition partners, NGA international office, USD(I), DCGS Services, Joint Staff, and other offices/organizations as necessary to ensure information is being shared, efforts understood, and projects coordinated.
  • Perform stakeholder need datamining and interface with various DoD, IC, NSG enterprise, and coalition partner orgs, contractors and industry on technology, IT implementation alternatives, techniques, process, best practices.
  • Analyze user needs to develop IT solutions, designing, implementing processes, new and customized capabilities and services for client use with aim of optimizing operational efficiency, applying system management processes, engineering analysis, and appropriate IT implementation processes and methods (e.g., agile, Lean Six Sigma)
  • Ensure EC complies with IC ITE, DI2E, GEA and NSG enterprise technical architecture and applicable standards.
  • Pursue efficiency and affordability, providing visibility to capabilities and solutions leveraged in new and different ways.
  • Apply agile project engineering methods. Provide analysis, design, development, deployment, SLC support for innovative systems solutions implementation and operational evaluation.
  • Maintain strong awareness of technology trends in IT. Develop/maintain strong awareness of on-going IT projects and info-sharing requirements.
  • Assess current and future technology, and ensure the TDP Enterprise Interoperability Project leverages innovative tradecraft and best practices, and captures lessons learned.
  • Perform technical systems analysis of alternatives and recommendations on using and implementing the NSG Enterprise services and operations, leveraging industry best practices.
  • Apply partnering, efficient solutions engineering and reuse 1st, and agile SE&I processes, leveraging tailoring and extending innovative approaches and cost-saving measures, applying industry standards.
  • Ensure project activities transparency and info-sharing, informing USDI, DCGS and NGA GPOC decision-makers, and directly facilitating collaborative, innovative, efficient, rapid GEOINT solutions engineering capturing, publishing solution options and resolutions for future reference, NSG enterprise awareness, and reuse.
  • Keep government and TDP Enterprise Interoperability Project leadership apprised of implementation status.
Required Qualifications:
  • BS in Engineering, Computer Science, Info Systems, Math, Ops Analysis or related scientific or technical discipline
  • 15 yrs IT (e.g., SE&I, architecture, analysis, requirements, capabilities implementation, process, I&V, T&E) experience, with 10 years of recent agency-specific experience
  • 10 years SE&I experience working with GEOINT (NSG/NGA/mission partner) capabilities/systems/segments/services
  • Technical Project Leadership Experience and Demonstrated Proficiency
  • Previous Exercise Planning & Support experience (e.g., Enterprise/Empire Challenge) & NGA Limited Objective Events
  • Proficiency applying SE&I functions and methods (e.g., processes, mission needs engineering and analysis, Interface definition, project planning/engineering/integration/IMS, IV&V, T&E, transition, O&S, risk and readiness management)
  • Experience leveraging IT SE best practices (e.g., customer needs assessment, user persona templates, developing and implementing SLAs and meeting quality standards, customer product needs & use eval., analysis & satisfaction metrics)
  • Experience troubleshooting and problem-solving technical and non-technical issues
  • Demonstrated ability/experience identifying/solving problems reviewing related information to develop/evaluate options and implement solutions with minimal supervision and/or direction
  • Strong customer service and teaming skills; ability to collaborate in cross-functional team
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently (self-managing) and within a team environment
  • Strong oral/written communications; Able to explain technical issues clearly and accurately to non-technical staff
  • Self-starter with demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and adapt to dynamic environment/changing priorities
Desirable Qualifications:


  • MS in Engineering, Computer Science, Info Systems, Math, Ops Analysis or related scientific or technical discipline
  • Relevant certifications [e.g., SE&I (INCOSE), IT(ITIL), PMP (PMI), IA(CISSP), Agile (Agilist; SCM); SAFe model SME]
  • Demonstrated ability to translate mission needs and user requirements into end-to-end designs for systems that involve multiple interfaces and supporting data repositories
  • Systems and Operations Analysis Experience - Determining how changes affect outcomes, and how to analyze mission and content needs and product requirements to create a design
  • Ability to identify technology gaps/infusion opportunities in current capabilities/processes
  • Geospatial/GEOINT architecture, analysis, capability implementation, process experience
  • Experience using geospatial information, logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative technical solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Experience in system activity and data modeling, transaction flow analysis, internal control and risk analysis, GEOINT business methods and performance measurement techniques
  • Working knowledge of NGA acquisition/baseline configuration/ change management processes
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing initiatives [e.g., interoperability platform patterns & tenets {virtualization (HW and SW)}, interface abstraction, open standards, frameworks (NIST)]
  • NGA, IC/DoD IT knowledge [e.g., ICITE, DI2E, JIE, cloud architectures/missions, as-is/future vision]
  • Working knowledge of NGA/NSG enterprise organization, leadership, programs, systems
  • National Systems and A/B ISR TCPED SLC (e.g., FMV, MAWS, WAPS/WAS, MTI, ABI, SOM, exploitation) experience
  • Manned/unmanned ISR experience (e.g., NSG Expeditionary Activities {NEA}, ISR Task Force; CT operations)
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